Gun System

Miner of Duty's gun system is very simple system. As you gain XP you will level up your character, which in turn you will unlock new guns at higher levels. 


Miner of Duty features custom classes along with default classes in game. The custom classes are completely customizable, your gun, secondary weapon, and addon are all able to be changed. As you level up you unlock higher guns and addons.

Leveling Up

To level up in Miner of Duty you simply get XP by getting in game kills. We plan on adding more options to level up in the future!

Swarm Mode

Swarm mode is a zombie survival game mode. It is a completely separate game mode from online. The XP you earn in swarm mode is used to purchase upgrades and new weapons from the shop.

Character Editor

In Miner of Duty we have a character editor. You can customize every last thing about your character, from hair color to pants color. We plan on expanding this editor in the future. 

Things to Come

We have LOADS of futures planned to come and only some things are listed above. Stay tuned on our forums to give YOUR input on ideas and new features and who know maybe it will make it into the game!