Now out on Xbox Live Indie Games! GET IT NOW!

Miner of Duty is a block-building FPS that is out now on the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace. Miner of duty will also be available on PC!

the Price

The XBLIG version of Miner of Duty is now available for 240MSP roughly ($3)

Game Modes

Miner of Duty has three different game types. The first game type is online multiplayer, join either Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Fort Wars, or Search and Mine and play with others. Gain XP by getting kills on other players, which will level up your character unlocking new weapons, and addons.
The second game type is Swarm Mode, which is a zombie survival mode. Gain XP by fending off zombies and use it to purchase items and weapons from the in game shop!
The third game type is Custom maps, in which you can create a completely custom map from a flat world, flat with w/cave, or a randomly generated map. You can create a custom map, edit an existing map, or play on a custom built map with friends. The first update will bring multiplayer building in custom maps.

Updates - When and How?

We plan to release a MAJOR update which wil add in a lot of big features as soon as possible right after initial release. Stay tuned on our forums, and join now to post your ideas, feedback, and share with others!